Video Voice Lessons

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all lessons are on Facetime or Zoom

Individual and 18-lesson packages available   



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Video Voice Lessons

         During the Covid-19 pandemic all lessons are on Facetime or Zoom

 Individual and 18-lesson packages available


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“…if enough hearts would open themselves to the beauty of great music, there would be no room left in any of those hearts for evil, greed or hate.”—Jamie Bernstein, daughter of Leonard Bernstein


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Sharon Sigal

Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts is a calling and a passion. In addition to running my studio, I continue to perform on stage and in films.

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Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts student Lessons include vocal technique, the acting of singing, piano, ear training, sight-singing, techniques for relaxation, mindful practice and performance.

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Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts Telling a story and creating a life through music and words fuel my passion for teaching and acting.

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Singing can be a beautiful, fun, creative and exhilarating experience. You just have to learn how to use your voice as a musical instrument. That’s right—the voice is a musical instrument. And as with any musical instrument, you have to learn how to use it to get the most enjoyment from playing it. If you never had a flute lesson, you would never think that if you bought a good flute you would instinctively know how to play it. Sure, you could blow on it and get it to make a sound. But you wouldn’t expect to be able to play it well without some lessons. It’s the same with the voice. And yet people often think they can’t sing because they don’t have “a good voice.” In my experience, almost anyone can learn to sing. It’s not until after you have learned and mastered vocal technique that you will know the true beauty of your instrument. You will be amazed with how well you sound once you have learned to use your instrument correctly.