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“…if enough hearts would open themselves to the beauty of great music, there would be no room left in any of those hearts for evil, greed or hate.”—Jamie Bernstein, daughter of Leonard Bernstein

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Sharon Sigal

Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts is a calling and a passion. In addition to running my studio, I continue to perform on stage and in films.

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Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts student
Lessons include vocal technique, the acting of singing, piano, ear training, sight-singing, techniques for relaxation, mindful practice and performance.

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Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts
Telling a story and creating a life through music and words fuel my passion for teaching and acting.

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Vocal Philosophy

Singing can be a beautiful, fun, creative and exhilarating experience. You just have to learn how to use your voice as a musical instrument. That’s right—the voice is a musical instrument. And as with any musical instrument, you have learn how to use it to get the most enjoyment from playing it. If you never had a flute lesson, you would never think that if you bought a good flute you would instinctively know how to play it. Sure, you could blow on it and get it to make a sound. But you wouldn’t expect to be able to play it well without some lessons. It’s the same with the voice. And yet people often think they can’t sing because they don’t have “a good voice.” In my experience, almost anyone can learn to sing. It’s not until after you have learned and mastered vocal technique that you will know the true beauty of your instrument. You will be amazed with how well you sound once you have learned to use your instrument correctly.


Sharon Sigal was a dream to work with.

Professional, talented, and committed to helping students produce their best quality work, Sigal was flexible, understanding, and always friendly. Lacking a formal background in music, her focus on theory helped me to improve both my knowledge of music and my ability in singing. In addition to building a foundation in classical singing and musical theory, what was especially nice was her interest in discovering what each of her students likes to sing, and finding ways in which to teach the student within the genres of interest. Thanks to Sharon, I went from a rather unskilled choir member to a respected (within my school) musical theater performer and member of the a cappella group. I can not recommend Sharon Sigal enough; whether you are a hobbyist singer or a professional in need of guidance, you will find what you need with her.

Rob Katz

Lower Merion High School

What a gift to be one of Sharon’s voice students.

She has taught me how to use the best of what my voice has to offer and how to breathe (who knew?) to maximize my capacity and range. Sharon’s professionalism, enthusiasm and support have enabled me to sing and go forth with confidence!


Sharon has made me the confident and well-trained singer that I am today

I started working with Sharon when I was 9 years old. She has helped me grow as a singer and has introduced me to all kinds of genres such as Italian Opera, Musical Theater and Jazz Songs. She stresses the importance of healthy singing and not straining the vocal chords. She hasn’t molded my voice into something it’s not but rather has taken care of it and has let it grow. She has prepared me for musicals, solos and college auditions. She has also allowed me to participate in two of her annual music salons. She has made me the confident and well-trained singer that I am today.

Mira Leese

Lower Merion High School

Sharon is a gem!

Sharon is amazing – her warm, patient, encouraging teaching style gave our daughters confidence while steadily expanding their repertoire. Whether it was Italian opera or Broadway songs, Sharon showed our girls that they had the ability to go beyond what they had thought was possible.  She showed them new ways to approach breathing, articulation and range.  She was also a good listener, always ready to hear about whatever was on the girls’ minds — whether about theater auditions or chorus preparation.  We are so pleased we found her – Sharon is a gem!

Eileen Doherty-Sil & Rudra Sil

Parents of students at Harriton High School

I recommend Sharon to all service leaders.

Just a few voice lessons with Sharon Sigal were greatly helpful to me.  Her coaching helped me to expand my vocal range and my stamina.  Singing is an such an important component of service leading.   Sharon is a delightful and skillful teacher.  

Linda Potemkin

Senior Rabbi, Congregation Beth Israel of Media

I felt that Sharon cared about me as a person before she knew about me as a singer/vocalist.

From the very first lesson, Sharon began challenging and stretching me.  I thought I knew a lot about vocals but I soon realized she was serious about this vocal business. So, in faith, I stepped out and submitted myself to her teaching and expertise.  As I began to follow her direction, I noticed I had become more sensitive to my vocal ability, and lack thereof.  She taught me how to be aware of my vocal senses and how to sing smart! Sigal Studio has been instrumental in my musical and vocal growth.  Sharon’s leadership style is to be commended because she customizes a vocal plan based on the individual’s abilities now and where she would like to grow the person.  Sharon instills confidence in me and that plays a big role in what notes I do or do not sing.  I have learned so much from her. Music oozes out of her and it’s quite easy to see how she’s passionate about what she does.

Tarsha Essence White

Worship Leader and Vocalist, First Baptist Church of District Heights, Md.