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My studio is your laboratory!

Sigal Vocal Arts is for people interested in learning to sing or use their speaking voices without vocal strain!

Sigal Vocal Arts is the place for anyone interested in learning to sing or to use their speaking voice without vocal strain! You don’t have to live near my studio in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, a suburb on Philadelphia’s Main Line, to take lessons with me. So long as you have a cell phone or computer and internet access, I can teach you to sing, sing better, or use your speaking voice without vocal strain.

Why Take Singing Lessons

Singing can be a fun, creative and exhilarating experience once you learn to use your voice as a musical instrument. As with any musical instrument, you have to learn how to “play” your voice correctly to produce beautiful music. If someone happened to give you a flute, you would not assume that just because you now owned a flute you should be able to play it correctly. You would understand that while you could blow on it and get it to make a sound, you would need instruction to play it properly. As with any instrument, you need instructions to use your voice, the vocal instrument you were born with, to sing well. People who have never had a voice lesson will often say they “don’t have a good voice.” The problem is usually not that they have a defective instrument. It’s usually that they have never learned to play their instrument correctly. I believe almost anyone can learn to sing. It’s not until after you have studied and mastered vocal technique that you will experience the true beauty of your instrument. You will be amazed with how good you sound once you know how to use your voice correctly.

Sharon Sigal Vocal Arts student, Mira Leese


Vocal Technique for Actors, Worship Leaders and Other Public Speakers

Vocal technique can help anyone who uses their voice professionally. I have worked with actors, worship leaders, and other people in the Philadelphia area and elsewhere whose work requires them speak to groups. Without proper vocal technique, public speaking can put a strain on your vocal chords and cause pain, hoarseness, or discomfort. Sometimes poor speaking or singing technique can cause medical problems—such as vocal nodules. Proper vocal technique can help you avoid or overcome such problems.

What We Will Accomplish

Wherever you are in your musical journey, I can help you learn healthy vocal technique as well as how to perform before an audience. My lessons include vocal technique, the acting of singing, piano, ear training, sight-singing, techniques for relaxation, mindful practice and performance. As your musicianship deepens with each lesson, you will also have greater awareness of how it feels to sing with flexibility, control, confidence and freedom.

Voice Technique for Singers

Voice technique is the foundation of healthy, pleasurable, creative, confident vocal expression in all areas of life. To sing well, you also need to learn ear training, sight-singing, song interpretation, and character development, among other things. Depending on your particular interests and goals, I will help you master the musical elements necessary to be a singer, public speaker, actor, teacher, or anything else that requires you to use your voice. Even if you do not use your voice professionally, I can help you discover the health benefits from centered, relaxed breathing, good postural alignment, and making personal vocal discoveries through sound and word.

The Initial Consultation

If you want to explore what you can do with your voice, call or email me to set up an initial consultation at my Ardmore studio or online. I will assess where you are with your voice and develop a plan to get where you want to be. I enjoy my work immensely and want that joy to overflow in the studio. I look forward to working with you!

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Focus Areas

Vocal Technique:

As a performer, I know that singing is an almost unexplainable innate desire. As a vocal instructor, I understand that it is also a physiological function. I will teach you to coordinate the two resulting in:

  • Body awareness and relaxation
  • Breath and muscle coordination
  • Expansion of vocal range and smooth vocalization throughout the vocal registers
  • Smart repertoire choices
  • Creative responses to musical and lyrical ideas, poems, characters, and story lines


Sight -Singing is the ability to read and sing music at first sight.

Ear Training

Ear training or aural skills is a skill by which musicians learn to identify, solely by hearing, pitches, intervals, melody, chords, rhythms, and other basic elements of music. Once your aural skills are trained, sight-singing at the correct pitch will become much more natural.

The Acting of Singing

Together we will sharpen your musical awareness and ability and address the current challenges to the expression of both.

Performance Tips

Together we will sharpen your musical awareness and ability and address the current challenges to the expression of both.

Piano Lessons

Together we will sharpen your musical awareness and ability and address the current challenges to the expression of both.